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Lab Supervisor




Fereshteh Mafakheri, PhD, PEng

Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair  (CRC Tier II)

École nationale d'administration publique (ENAP)

Université du Québec

Montreal, QC, Canada


Assistant Professor (Affiliate)

Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science

Concordia University

Montreal, QC, Canada



CV| Google Scholar 

Postdoctoral Fellows/Associates

Zahra Vazifeh, 2024-


Olfa Berrich, 2023-

PhD Students

Mazamo Tekeu Marie Rinelle, 2023-

Thesis Subject: TBA

Omid Mohagheghi, 2023-

Thesis Subject: System Dynamics Applications in Bioenergy Supply Chains

Etsub Ketema Tadesse, 2023-

Thesis Subject: System Dynamics Applications in Modular Construction Supply Chains

Nima Moradi, 2023-
Thesis Subject: Last Mile Delivery Vehicle Routing Problems in Supply Chain Management

Mahsa Valipour, 2021-

Thesis Subject: Biomass Supply Chain Hubs Coordination Using Agent-based Modeling

2) Seyedeh Mahya Seyedan, 2018-2024 (graduated)

Thesis Subject: Development of Predictive Analytics for Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management in Supply Chain using Machine Learning Techniques

1) Zahra Vazifeh, 2019-2023 (graduated)

Thesis Subject: Game Theoretic Modeling in Bioenergy Supply Chains

Master's Students

Sanaz Arevan, 2024-

Thesis Subject: TBA

Elaheh Mohammadzadeh, 2022-

Thesis Subject: Governance in Bioenergy Sector of Canada

4) Saghar Sadaghiani, 2021-2023 (graduated)

Thesis Subject: Life Cycle Analysis of Bioenergy Supply Chains

3) Foad Esmaeili, 2019-2022 (graduated)

Thesis Subject: Biomass Supply Chain Resilience: Integrating Demand & Availability Predictions into Routing Decisions Using Machine Learning 

2) Shohreh Khodami, 2019-2021 (graduated)

Thesis Subject: System Dynamics Simulation of Bioenergy Supply Chains for Remote Communities

1) Sahar Esmaelzadeh, 2016-2018 (graduated)

Thesis Subject: Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Biomass Sourcing for Northern Communities

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