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Decision Modeling & Analytics Laboratory (DeciMAL) is hosting the Canada Research Chair Pogram in Bioenergy TransitionBioenergy is the use of plants and other organic material to generate energy. Burning biomass fuel is one example: these fuels come from organic materials, such as harvest residues, purpose-grown crops and organic waste from homes, businesses and farms. Bioenergy can help us build a more secure, sustainable future by providing a clean, renewable source of energy. As Canada Research Chair in Bioenergy Transition, Dr. Fereshteh Mafakheri is working to characterize, formulate and analyze ways to transition to bioenergy. She and her research team are focusing on governance instruments and incentive policies in the bioenergy sector, coordination mechanisms for bioenergy supply chains, and management strategies for innovation and technology. Ultimately, they hope to maximize the bioenergy sector’s ability to boost energy security, decarbonize the economy, and mitigate environmental harms. 
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